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Wallpaper Hanging in London

Wallpaper Hanging London

The Painting Specialist provides a professional wallpaper hanging service in London.

The wallpapers are available in a variety of colours, designs and patterns which have been created to give your home or office a unique look. In addition to this, the wallpapers also come in a variety of textures which can add depth to the room which is not possible to do with the regular paints.

With the use of the decorating medium, you will get a unique and attractive outlook which is hard to duplicate.

Expert Wallpapererluxury wallpaper

Hanging expensive wallpaper can be a great way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home decor.

However, it can also be a tricky task that requires precision, skill, and attention to detail. Here are some differences between hanging expensive wallpaper yourself or having a professional do it:

Expertise: Professional wallpaper installers have years of experience and knowledge in hanging wallpaper. They are well-versed in the different types of wallpaper and have the skills and expertise to ensure that the wallpaper is hung evenly and perfectly.

Tools and equipment: Professional wallpaper installers have all the necessary tools and equipment to hang wallpaper efficiently and effectively. They use specialized tools such as wallpaper cutters, smoothing tools, and plumb lines to ensure that the wallpaper is hung accurately and precisely.

Time and Efficiency: Professional installers are highly efficient in their work and can complete a job much quicker than an inexperienced DIYer. They are familiar with all the nuances of wallpaper hanging and can complete the job with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Quality of work: A professional installer will ensure that the wallpaper is hung seamlessly and without any wrinkles, bubbles, or creases. They will also take the necessary steps to ensure that the wallpaper is hung straight and aligned correctly.

Guarantee: Professional installers typically offer a guarantee or warranty on their work, which means that you can rest assured that your expensive wallpaper is in good hands and will look perfect for years to come.

In summary, while hanging expensive wallpaper yourself can be a cost-effective option, it can also be a daunting task that requires expertise, tools, and time. Hiring a professional wallpaper installer can save you time and effort while ensuring that your expensive wallpaper looks flawless.

There are many different types of wallpaper available, each with their own unique features and benefits. Here is a list of different types of wallpaper in order of difficulty, starting from the easiest to the most difficult:

Peel and Stick Wallpaper: This is the easiest type of wallpaper to hang. It is self-adhesive and can be easily removed and repositioned without damaging the wall. This type of wallpaper is great for renters or those who like to frequently change up their decor.

Non-Woven Wallpaper: Non-woven wallpaper is a popular choice for beginners. It is easy to hang and can be removed without damaging the wall. This type of wallpaper is made of synthetic and natural fibers that are combined to create a durable and flexible material.

Vinyl Wallpaper: Vinyl wallpaper is a popular choice for high-traffic areas as it is durable and easy to clean. It is also easy to hang and can be removed without causing damage to the wall.

Textured Wallpaper: Textured wallpaper is slightly more difficult to hang as it requires careful alignment to ensure the pattern is even. It is also more challenging to trim around edges and corners.

Grasscloth Wallpaper: Grasscloth wallpaper is made from natural fibers such as grass, bamboo, or jute, which can make it more difficult to handle. It can be challenging to get a smooth finish as it is prone to shrinking and expanding depending on the humidity level.

Foil Wallpaper: Foil wallpaper is made of metallic materials that can be challenging to handle due to their reflective properties. It is also more difficult to trim around edges and corners as it can be easily damaged.

Embossed Wallpaper: Embossed wallpaper has a raised design that can make it difficult to match up the pattern. It is also challenging to hang as the raised areas can create air pockets and bubbles.

While some types of wallpaper are easier to hang than others, the difficulty level ultimately depends on the specific wallpaper's characteristics and the level of skill and experience of the person hanging it.

Painting Specialist understands the value of the time and money of the clients. Hence, we want to give you the best possible service available in the town. We endeavour to perform our service to our customers with the least possible disruption to your lifestyle, home, business or family. We are renowned for offering fast service, free estimate and tidying up once we are done with all the works of wallpaper hanging.

We are always eager to meet you. For any information, you can call or email us. We always encourage our clients to make an appointment so that it would be easier for us to provide them with the best service.

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